Additional Services

Maybe you don’t have a story to tell right now. Maybe you need other research help. We can help you with that too.

Focus Groups

We can work with you on every aspect of this from crafting the moderator’s guide to recruiting the participants to conducting the groups and writing up the analysis.

Messaging Research

If the message isn’t right, then the impact won’t be the one you need. We can test the various messages you are thinking of to hone in on the one that will get you the right impact, Also, maybe you have already started using a message and are wondering if it worked. We can see if the needle has moved – doing a pre and post message test to give you quantifiable numbers.

We Offer Other Research Services as well

If you need something, please just ask. One thing you can count on – if we can’t do it well, we won’t do it and we will provide you with the names of others to reach out to for that more specialized assistance.