Providing Research That Helps You Drive The Story

There is market research and then there is research for public release. Both utilize similar tools, but the end results are miles apart. One rarely sees the light of day, or at least the light outside of a boardroom or planning meeting while the other tries to see as much light as possible – in the media, through word of mouth, on social media and so forth.

Research for public release has to be handled by people who know how to help ensure you and your clients – if you are working for the PR firm – get as much light as possible. We have the know how and experience and we are those people.

Regina Corso Consulting is a full-service public relations and communications market research firm made up of seasoned professionals who deliver strategic and creative research to equip our clients with actionable data for communications programs. We conduct research for media outreach efforts, local media tours, social/digital campaigns and thought leadership efforts.

We help make sure your stories have real research behind them.

Actionable Data