Using Custom Surveys to Tell Your Story

An omnibus survey isn’t always the right way to go. Maybe you have more than 20 questions for the general public. At this point the custom survey option becomes more cost effective. Maybe you are looking to talk with a more specialized audience, say parents of school aged children, IT Decision makers or Small Business Owners. While we can find a few of these people in our omnibus surveys, we can’t get enough to make a readable sample size. Then we have to go custom.

We Work Closely With You on Questionnaire Design and Analysis

The key differences are timing, as custom takes a little longer and we do not benefit from the existing omnibus platform; and cost, as these are not priced per question but rather for the whole project.

We Provide the Research that Drive Your Story to Your Audience

Enhance your business operations, products and services.

Regina Corso Consulting provides businesses with a comprehensive approach to survey research, including expert Omnibus Surveys and Custom PR Surveys, that can yield valuable insights and actionable data to help businesses achieve their goals.

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