NEW YORK, NY – June 16, 2015 – Regina Corso Consulting, a new full service research company focusing on research specifically designed for public release, opens for business today. “Conducting research designed to meet the demands of the media and public eyes takes a specialized hand,“ says Regina A Corso, founder and President. “While many places now exist to conduct surveys, knowing how to ask the right questions and look at data correctly is extremely important to ensure the media will use the results.”

Ms. Corso brings a wealth of experience and over twenty years in market research to this endeavor. For over a decade she worked on The Harris Poll, the world’s longest running barometer of public opinion and was the head of The Harris Poll for 8 years. While at Harris Interactive, in addition to managing their venerated survey, she also worked for public relations firms helping them help their clients conduct research for use in a myriad of campaigns as well as for associations and Fortune 500 companies. These surveys ranged from those of the general public to more specialized audiences such as children, teachers, IT decision makers, corporate counsel, and small business owners, just to name a few.

Ms. Corso also has experience in every aspect of a public relations campaign, having been the head of corporate communications for Harris Interactive which involved drafting press releases, working on roll out strategies and acting as a spokesperson.

“Opening my own firm has been a dream and I’m thrilled to be able to achieve this,” says Ms. Corso. “Providing my clients with the research they need to make smart decisions and get the media attention they desire is something I enjoy doing. Not everyone is able to do what they love and I consider myself lucky.”

Please visit for more information about our services and about Ms. Corso.

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